September 15

Cab Drivers, Cobras, and a Cattery.

So today, a crazy man decided to break into the psych ward. Ironic, yes I know. Luckily there wasn’t much harm done except for a chair through the window. I made a new friend there…he walked out of his room wearing nothing but a blanket draped around him like a toga. He smiled at me and ran back inside. Apparently he has a crush on me. Now I think that’s cool, I’ve never met a ridiculously good looking crazy person before. I have a lot of morally wrong thoughts running through my head right now.
Last night, Jeremy and I decided to create secret identities for ourselves and sneak around the stair cases of the hotel with walkie talkies. We had new names too but I can’t remember what they were. After we were bored of that, we decided to go to McDonald’s where I received free ice cream after calming down a very enraged customer.
Brandie called me from Winnipeg tonight. She told me various stories of her bad judgment when it came to meeting boys from the internet…then we rediscovered this old website we found when we were 14. Some woman named Debbie has actually devoted her life to establishing a “Cattery.”
If you get the chance:
My cab driver today, scruffy older guy…late 50s or so, had these tattoos that I just had to ask about; a scorpion on his lower right arm which represented his star sign and a big blob of something on his left arm that was supposed to be a cobra but, the gal who did it, ‘din know what the hell she was doin’…so I told her to stop.”
He told me he has plans of getting it re-done here in town.
“One a ‘dem nice cobras with the rubies for eyes.”
I asked him if he had thoughts of getting any other inkings done…naturally, he did.
“A big wolf right here on my shoulder; when I used to be in a bikin’ gang, I had ‘dis real nice long, black beard and long hair… The Wolfman is what they used to call me.”
Aside from biker gangs and gaudy tattoos, cab driver #912 and I had a fair bit in common.
We both even came from the same hometown.
Well I guess that’s where I’ll leave it for today.
Cheers, Alysia.