September 11

Cigarettes and Psych Wards.

Friday, September 8, 2006
So here starts my second letter…I’ve been working completely absurd hours lately with few hours sleep so basically I’m now one of those “mediocre job, average pay, caffeine addicted losers”…but I’m happy none the less. Even if the odd crowd does get a bit grouchy, I like seeing people…talking to them, learning everything I can about them. This one woman from Montreal, her name is Chantal and she’s a regular; I’m just getting to know her…she’s a bit strange and makes me laugh. She sits for 3 hours by herself in the same window booth drinking her coffee and Heineken beer and tells me stories in her broken English.  Unfortunately, my manager tells me I’m not allowed to let her into the restaurant anymore because for the third time now she hasn’t been able to pay, she just leaves an inactive debit card and promises she’ll pay us back the next time.  It’s pretty disheartening to have to turn her away, I don’t know how I’m going to do it. On another depressing note, one of my customers today told me that Steve Irwin, the crocodile hunter, died after getting stung in the heart by a stingray. I don’t know what this world is coming to when I have to reject harmless coffee drinkers and seemingly invincible men die in freak stingray accidents, but again it’s just another humbling reminder that we all fall short. I’m thinking that I’d like to take Chantal out for drinks sometime, not just out of pity…but in all sincerity, I just want to know her better. A lot of my close friends are now settled into their university dorms, working, or back packing across Europe, so I’m feeling a fair bit lost and lonely. It’s a strange new world now without familiarities. I’m making new friends though…learning a lot about myself and just people in general; simple things I never gave much thought to now seem like epiphanies.
Anyways, I’m just re-reading everything I wrote to you and I totally sound like a morbid Marvin so I’m terribly sorry…I’ll bet
you’re probably crying right now. I feel so guilty.
Monday, September 11, 2006
So I saw Chantal across the street today just as I was finishing my second shift. She waved, I waved. I doubt she’ll be coming back for anymore Heinekins and coffees though. Work is slowing down immensely now that summer is ending and I’m currently in the application process for the 2007 Habitat projects for overseas, so as of January I may be in either Fiji or Maui doing some construction. Jeremy and I spent the day in Kelowna yesterday. He bought a hat. I bought a jean jacket. We made made our usual rounds of varying pit stops for gas, coffee, and cigarettes. We finished our night sitting on the hood of the Nova in a parking lot…asking questions, telling stories. Aside from work, my day was spent in the psych ward making friends with crazy people. There’s this one guy who likes to step on imaginary bugs on the floor, he’s my favorite.
Cheers darlings,