June 29

Tales from the K Cafe.

So Geoffrey calls, “Alysia, would you like to come to Keremeos with me?”

How could I say no? Keremeos is an amazing place.

We arrive at the Bennett’s laundromat with greetings from Mike and Rueben and take our place on the bench outside with our beer like four homeless hippies.

We’re there all of about fifteen minutes before Steve, the infamous Keremeos meth-head shows up reasonably drunk and high whilst foaming at the mouth. He gives Geoff a nice hug and proceeds inside where Rueben offers him a shower. He almost makes it to the door before passing out. So close Steve, so close.

He’s up a few minutes later and decides that he would like to fight me – he throws a few punches which luckily were easy to dodge. Since obviously I was too tough to fight, he swings a few at Mike, knocks some things over, rips off his shirt, and throws a chair across the room before the cop shows up.

“I thought you went to rehab Steve?”

“Fuck you, Bitch – I am in rehab”

It takes about 20 minutes to get him into the cop car. We say our goodbyes and Steve rides off into the Keremeos sunset. So what do you do after such an event? You go to the ‘K Cafe.’ After being told by a nice old lady to mind our language in public settings, our food arrives. We head back to the laundromat to discover Rueben’s porn channel…we’re mesmerized, intrigued, and disgusted for a little while before Geoff and I decide to go home.

Cheers, Alysia