August 17

Cause = Time

Friday, August 11th – Sunday, August 13th 2006
One night, we find three friends visiting from foreign lands and we camp in a parking lot. We make music and memories and drink red wine while roasting marshmellows over the stove top of the antiquated yet timeless, yellow van. We tell stories and listen to Sufjan until early morning despite heavy eyes and tired bodies, but conversation seems fearless and uninhibited when it’s barely light outside. Neal strums and sings with a broken voice lost from laughter and swallowing honey while the rest of us sit and listen on the verge of sleep and dreams right when every object seems foggy and every sound echoes. The later morning comes soon and we watch the parade from the curb outside an old coffee shop. Clowns and floats, princesses and children doing backflips down Main Street seem all the more strange as they add promise to our surrealistic states of mind formed from sleep deprivation. Pavement heat swells under our bare feet as we drudge our way back to the lot. We eat lunch and become stranded due to ancient broken spark plugs under the hood of our car. Neal manages to fix everything within an hour while Andrew and I sleep. We play in the park – frisbees and made-up games, laughing at people, eachother, and absolutely nothing. Swing dance with Powder Blues and flashing lights…on old plywood floors we lose our minds. We sit in the place where we first met: a bench and a railing, we pretend to be strangers all over again…wondering where we would be if we hadn’t decided to walk back the way we did. There are realizations of just how blissfully unaware we were of emptiness. We sleep our last night together and make small exchanges – a broken shoelace still tied to my wrist, a tub of honey, surfboard wax, and telephone numbers on shreds of paper.